29 May 2011

Brain Damage

Lately, it appears that my biggest run-ins with disaster have involved serious blows to my head.  The hood of my trunk slammed on me while I was loading up my car with groceries.  Someone driving by in the parking lot stopped to see if I was okay, but to be honest I couldn't make out anything they were saying.  And his/her/its face was a blur.  Then they drove off.  I guess they assumed by my blank stair that I was fine?

The other night at the salsa club, I was sitting on a bar stool, giving my show-stopping Latin moves a rest (yeaaahh....)  All of a sudden a camera tripod that someone had very wisely left standing on the bar came crashing down on my head.

I think I'm getting dumber.


  1. You're not getting dumber. Technology is getting smarter. It has now moved to the offensive. Watch out.

  2. It might be Karma from all the junk we threw out from our 5th floor window to the people making out below... dundundunnn