03 May 2011

There's Something in the Pond Water...

I love just going to school during Spring Term.  The grass is greener.  The campus is cleaner.  The people are happier.  The professors are waaay chiller.  Everyone is just in a blissful, lovey mood.  Including the ducks.  Like, really lovey.  They're animals!  Well, yes, they are animals.  But in more than one sense of the word.  There is a duck pond on the south end of campus, near my apartment.  The little guys often escape to the greater campus region and bring their young.  But this year I SWEAR they have multiplied, like, 1000 times over!  Their numbers rival those of Women's Conference!  This evening, I exited the JFSB where I had a Classics class.  We had just been discussing Lycurgus' Spartan army and how the Spartan women cranked out babies like a gum ball machine to supply the army with lots of warriors.  In no time, they became the greatest, most fearsome military in Greece.  I feel this is the approach the ducks are taking.  Just a hunch.  So, don't say I didn't warn you.  

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