05 August 2012

On the Olympics

Thoughts and observations during the first week of the 2012 Summer Olympic Games.

-Roger Federer has beautiful hair.

-The position of middle ball girl/boy on the back wall of the tennis court should be an Olympic sport of its own.

-The underwater cams used in Men's Water Polo are disturbing and completely unnecessary.

-To my dismay and severe disappointment, the one broadcasting company in Romania that covers the Olympics for some reason hates beach volleyball and loves fencing. Kind of depressing.

-Swimmers are always forced to present themselves on the podium and be praised and applauded directly after exiting the pool, looking often like wet rats.

-Nevertheless, this wet-rat syndrome doesn't seem to affect the men of Team USA, who are clearly carrying genes of demi-gods.

-No matter they just accomplished one of the greatest feats of athleticism, the fame of Olympic athletes is solidified the moment they are tweeted about by Justin Bieber or Lady Gaga.

-Women weightlifters are not actually women.

-Rowing events would be a million times more exciting if they were being chased by man-eating sharks.

-China definitely traffics child slaves to win medals. Their ages are more and more dubious each Olympics. 

 "I root for anyone who is playing against a North Korean. 
Mean, I know, but I just hate that horrible regime and
don't want any glory for that country and it's current despot.
I'm not crazy about China either as I just don't trust them." -My Mom


  1. I wish there was a like button for this post, I really was laughing out loud

  2. The quote by your Mom was priceless.

  3. You summarized the Olympics so well!