28 February 2011

Force to be Reckoned With

Welp, folks, the ratings are in and BYU basketball is now #3 in the nation, in both the AP and the Coach's poll!!! Ok, maybe you're not so into basketball, but seriously you don't even need to be to be utterly blown away by Jimmer Fredette. I searched YouTube for "Jimmer shooting a basket from China" and I totally found it! Watch it and be mind-boggled, my friends.

In other news, I just ate casserole for the second time in my life (I know, what kind of Mormon am I?!?!), I should be writing a research paper proposal about Romania's involvement in the Holocaust, and a couple hours ago I wrapped up a pretty successful film shoot for a series of Spanish films we're making for the Center for Language Studies. I was blessed beyond belief when I got home from my mission---God hooked me up with a sweet job working on campus in the ARCLITE Lab. We make movies. Simple as that. But not really that simple, because I know nothing about film production, which is what I told my boss when he hired me, but that seemed to make him like me more and now I'm assistant producer on this Spanish film project!

Time to do homework. Ciao.

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  1. I feel like you should call your blog "It's Jimmer's World, We're Just Living in It."