23 September 2012

I WILL NOT back down

and start speaking like East Coast people.

Starting with that word. People. PEOPLE.

Here, it is folks. 

"We have a briefing with the folks at corporate today."

"Over 60% of folks in the workforce leave their job because they feel under-appreciated."

I'm sorry, but I just can't take anyone seriously when they refer to people (especially at the professional level) as folks.

THIS is what I picture the hypothetical "people at corporate" to look like:

Also, I will not break down and buy a power suit. I hate/loathe/despise/shutter at the thought of wearing a suit. I miraculously went through a whole internship in the Senate without ever wearing one. When it came time to serve a mission, I didn't even acknowledge it on the list of required items to bring. Other women can look fab in them---Me? I feel my personality choke and die and the birds suddenly stop singing and my petite, girlish figure turn into a 58 year-old sagging congresswoman desperately running for re-election.

Welcome to D.C.


  1. I think it's just the people you work with. People don't really say folks around here, at least, I haven't noticed it...
    Totally agree on the suit thing.

  2. Why it is none of THIS never comes out in real life?! Only here on da blog. [And by THIS I mean your hilarious take on EVERYTHING, including DC peeps who say folks (pretty sure I'm one of them btw)] I think THIS should come out in real life. :)