08 January 2012

Adventures and Discoveries of 2011

The Adventures:

Hiking and camping in Zion National Park  
Heaven on Earth
Beating the system at Disneyland 
“Social Anxiety Disorder,” anyone?
  The Alps have a way of making me feel significantly smaller.  Didn’t think that was possible, did you?
  Who knew crepes, baguettes and kebabs could arouse so many memories?
Shenanigans in London 
It’s what you get when you have a local as your guide
Touring universities, graveyards and castle ruins in Scotland
I can’t tell you which were more ancient
Pub hopping in Ireland
  The Mother Land. The Home Turf.  And still #1 on my list of favorite countires.
  I have the greatest job ever
I may have found Zion’s rival  
  Cartel AND tourist-free!
A little Rogers, Hammerstein, and Tchaikovsky in San Diego
  I’ve lived in So Cal for over 14 years.  Why has it taken me this long to realize how great this city is?

The Discoveries:

  How dancing can mask working out
Spinach smoothies
  How fruit can mask the taste of vegetables
  The Office has seen its day
  I’m addicted
 Jimmermania!  Mittmania…?
 It’s only taken me 10 years
  An unexpected passion
Perhaps I am cut out for it?
  My Cupcake Rob post went so viral that it ended up with the subject wearing my nickname for him on his name tag at work.  I deserve a year’s supply of cupcakes for all the business I brought The Chocolate. 
Still not into Pinterest, though…
 Who knew it could be so enjoyable

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